Coastal Walks and Bicycle Touring

With the sea at your side

Oh, how beautiful the coast is! So beautiful that you can’t miss it. And very practical that there are several ways to explore it here. Whether on foot or by bike, a coastal tour is always worth it.

Convenient as well: One of the most beautiful hiking trails by the fjord is just a few steps away from your lodge. It leads you right along the water up to Schausende and on to the nature reserve on the Holnis peninsula. There you will see an imposing steep bluff as well as the Holnis salt marsh, an important breeding colony for seabirds.

The other direction takes you across the bank: You stroll along the sea and soon reach the beach resort and promenade in Glücksburg in the next bay. A nice ferry landing as well as dining options await you there. Try the first-class cuisine at the Strandhotel, the Sandwig beach restaurant, or stop by the legendary kiosk. There are lots of delicious treats all year round here – perfect for your stop along the coastal trail. From here, you can go even further: Your trail leads you to Quellental, past the marina and further through the Ruheforst woodland cemetery to Flensburg.

The beautiful Friedeholz forest is also worth a visit! Just go a few hundred meters up Schwennaustrasse and you will reach this vast and beautiful forest area, which is perfect for hiking, jogging and bicycling. The wild boar enclosure is very popular with children – and children are very popular with the wild boars. Especially the kids who bring some uncooked spaghetti to feed them.

Another absolute must for any Glücksburg holidaymaker is the hiking trail, of course, which winds around the lake of the moated castle. Here, on the banks of the shore, you can see the beauty of the castle from many different angles, watch the swans and ducks squawking and bustling about, or use the roundtrip as an opportunity to shop in the city centre.