Water Sports

Active on the fjord

Sailing, surfing, kiteboarding or swimming: Water sports are as much a part of Glücksburg as the water in the sea and the sand on the beach are. And our beautiful coast is the perfect base for a variety of activities on and in the water.

If you have the water right at your doorstep, you should take full advantage of it. And we are not alone in that idea. Many sailing enthusiasts consider the Flensburg Fjord to be one of the most beautiful sailing areas in Germany. The diverse, gently sloping landscape on both sides of the fjord, as well as the proximity to Denmark, especially attract cruisers. After all, the “Danish South Sea” with its quaint, small harbours is a delightfully charming sight, and one that can be enjoyed particularly well from the water.

For those new to sailing, the sheltered location and reliably good weather conditions offer exactly the right setting. And Glücksburg is home to one of the most modern marinas along the fjord as well as to the Hanseatische Yachtschule, one of the largest sailing schools in Germany.

Go on a sailing trip and experience the incomparable, Scandinavian flair of the picturesque coast.

Surfers and kiteboarders will love the Holnis peninsula! There you will find “Drei” beach, only 5 kilometres from the Glück in Sicht Ostseelodges. The location is great for windsurfing and kiteboarding: The long beach and the shallow water depth make this place interesting to both experienced kiteboarders and surfers as well as newbies.

An added plus: There is a surfing and kiteboarding school right on the beach. Perfect for beginners who want to try out the exciting sports as well as for advanced kiteboarders and surfers who aspire to enhance their skills with more tricks and feats.

If you want something a little more easy-going, explore the coast by pedal boat. On “Drei” beach, you can rent a pedal boat and leisurely cruise up and down the fjord. A little tip: For even more refreshing fun, dive into the water now and then!

Stand-up paddle boarding is all the rage! You can stand on the surfboard in Glücksburg, too: There are places to rent the equipment on the beach promenade in Glücksburg, just a stone’s throw away from Glück in Sicht, as well as on “Drei” beach in Holnis. 

Highly recommended: Paddle out in the evening and enjoy the sunset, the smooth sea, and the peace and quiet.

Open water swimming in the fjord is very popular in Glücksburg. Locals, holidaymakers and visitors alike take to the sea in the morning, when the water is still as smooth as glass, and dive into the fjord to swim their laps.

If you want to take it to a more professional level, slip into a neoprene suit and swim a few kilometres in the fjord. You can especially see many swimmers training here in the weeks leading up to the big OstseeMan Triathlon.

By the way: The swimming route goes right past Glück in Sicht! Those who compete in the triathlon can count on the support of their fans. Despite the early start time, the whole family can line up to cheer!

An event you will never forget: At the Sonwik marina in Flensburg, you can book a scenic flight over the fjord on a seaplane. Breathtaking!

The plane takes off and lands on the water –  and flies over the Ox Islands, Holnis, and up to the mouth of the fjord into the Baltic Sea. On the way back, it soars past Glück in Sicht, over the Glücksburg Castle, the marina and Flensburg.