Dog Rules

Hello Dogs!

We welcome you to bring your dog to Glück in Sicht! To ensure that you, the other guests and our service staff enjoy the stay as much as possible, we have devised a few dog rules. These apply equally to both dog owners and their four-legged pets – and each has their own part.

  • When booking your lodge, please let us know if you will be bringing a pet, so that we can optimally prepare for your stay. We will also provide food and water dishes.
  • Going for a walk? Please walk your dog outside of the premises. Make sure that your dog is on a leash – leashes are required on the Glück in Sicht premises.

  • Please save your energy for the dog beach – there you can romp around and play to your heart’s content.
  • Show off your magnificent fur – but if possible, not on or near the upholstery, bedding or curtains. Other guests may have allergic reactions.
  • Watch your paws please! The bathtub and shower may only be used by humans. Caution: risk of damage caused by scratches!

If you and your dog want to jump right into the water, the Soltitude dog beach is about 5 kilometres away. Another option is the beach section on the Holnis peninsula, which just a 30-minute walk away. There, you can treat your dog to a good walk or run – however, a mandatory leash law is now in effect there.

At the Glücksburg dog park, however, you can let your four-legged friend run and romp around unleashed on an area spanning 20 hectares.

Im Vordergrund weißer Sandstrand vor der Flensburger Förde, im Hintergrund die zwei grünen Ochseninseln von Dänemark.