big luck

For everyone together

Now that’s happiness – when you can enjoy a lot of space to do your own thing during your holiday! Each of our lodges in the “Großes Glück” (“great happiness”) category are approximately 155 m² large and accommodate up to 8 people. In the Meeresrauschen (“sounds of the sea”) lodge, you will be staying above the fjord, while the Küstenflair (“coastal flair”) lodge rises up on the highest stilts. The Waldzauber (“enchanted forest”) lodge is surrounded by the picturesque trees – and the Blätterrauschen (“rustling leaves”) lodge enhances your holiday with the delightful sounds of the forest.

Unsere Ferienhäuser in Glücksburg bestechen mit großzügig geschnittenen Räumlichkeiten und einer gemütlichen Sofalandschaft. Auf der grauen Couch liegen bunte Kissen, davor steht ein heller Tisch mit weißen Würfeln, die das Wort "Glück" ergeben. Im Hinter
Spanning a spacious 155 m², this lodge awaits you with plenty of space to spend your holiday just the way you like. Surrounded by stately trees, we have perfectly integrated the lodge into the beautiful landscape, ensuring an unforgettable holiday right in the midst of nature. ab € 190,00
Blumen, Vasen, Porzellan: In unseren Ostseelodges passt alles zusammen.
Surrounded by the picturesque trees, we have integrated this lodge perfectly into the landscape. Spanning a spacious 154 m², this lodge awaits you with modern décor and furnishings – and plenty of space to spend your holiday just the way you want to. ab € 210,00
Unsere großen Luxus Ostsee Ferienhäuser haben einen integrierten Wohn- & Essbereich. Perfekt zum gemütlichen Beisammensein mit der ganzen Familie!
160 m² of space: In this lodge, you can stay with the whole family or with friends. Situated directly above the fjord, the large lodge offers a wonderful view to the west – looking out towards the fjord and Denmark. ab € 210,00