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Spanning a spacious 155 m², this lodge awaits you with plenty of space to spend your holiday just the way you like. Surrounded by stately trees, we have perfectly integrated the lodge into the beautiful landscape, ensuring an unforgettable holiday right in the midst of nature.

For the sociable types amongst you: this lodge is our interpretation of a two-family holiday house! It is next door to the “Kleinen Perle Blätterrauschen” lodge, and works either as a semi-detached house, with nice, new neighbours, or it can accommodate one larger group. Combined with the “Kleinen Perl” lodge, it becomes the “Hoch Hinaus Blätterrauschen” house.

The huge living room with its expansive panoramic sliding doors offers a wonderful view of the beautiful surroundings. Two large bedrooms, each with a double bed and two alcoves, offer a relaxed and homey atmosphere. And the integrated bunk beds are an ideal retreat for our younger guests. 

Indulge in restorative and relaxing hours in the lodge’s own sauna, where you can unwind to your heart’s content. The lodge also has two bathrooms and a guest lavatory, so everyone is well-accommodated.

And you’ll enjoy plenty of space on the large terrace – you can pamper yourself with a leisurely breakfast under the soothing morning sun or have a laidback evening all together. 

This lodge has room for: 4 adults and 4 children. And if you want it more “cosy”, it can also fit up to 3 cribs or 3 cots.

ab € 190,00
  • Sauna
  • Two bathrooms
  • Guest lavatory
  • Electric fireplace
  • Kitchen
  • Large covered terrace
  • Free WiFi
  • Floor heating in all rooms
  • Own parking space located close to the lodge 
  • Integrated stereo system
  • Flatscreen TV in living room and bedrooms
  • Washer and dryer
  • Dishwasher
  • Bed linens
  • Hand towels

  • Each lodge has its own parking space close by. So if you are travelling with lots of luggage, no problem.
  • All terraces are covered with large roof overhangs, so that even a few raindrops won’t get in the way.
  • An electric fireplace provides a rustic, homey and feel-good atmosphere, and immerses the room in a lovely, soothing light without any ashes or fire hazards.
  • All of the large lodges have an integrated stereo system, where you can easily and conveniently play your holiday playlists via Bluetooth and in high-quality sound.
  • So that you can enjoy the beach to the fullest, each lodge has its own “Strandkorb” canopied beach chair – and it is already included in the rate!

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