little pearl

For cosy times together

“Kleine Perlen” (“little pearls”), that is a perfect description of our lodges. Get cosy and comfortable in 48 m² of space – and enjoy our elegant furnishings and splendid view from the panoramic windows. The Kleine Perle “Beachflair” lodge is set right near the water, the “Waldzauber” (“enchanted forest”) lodge is surrounded by an ancient tree population, and the “Blätterrauschen” (“rustling leaves”) lodge enhances your stay with the delightful sounds of the forest.

Kleine Perle, große Entspannung: Unsere kleinen Lodges eigenen sich perfekt für Paare.
This small, cosy lodge is nestled amidst the picturesque, ancient trees. With its 48 m² of space and comfortable, stylish decor, it is a small “feel-good lodge” with great ambitions. ab € 119,00 per night
Die Ostseelodges sind liebevoll eingerichtet. Passend zur natürlichen Umgebung: Blumen und Tischschmuck auf den Terrassen.
We have integrated this small gem directly into the beautiful forest landscape. It offers a unique experience, surrounded by stately treetops – and is located very close to the water. ab € 129,00
Eine ganz besondere Kategorie unserer Glücksburg Ferienwohnungen: die Kleine Perle Beachflair. Im Vordergrund ein heller Tisch mit einem hellblauen und einem roten Stuhl, im Hintergrund die überdachte Terrasse mit Blick aufs Meer.
This 48-m² comfy, cosy lodge is located very close to the sea. The view is one-of-a-kind – and above all, unforgettable. If you catch beach fever early in the morning, the natural beach is just a few steps away! ab € 149,00