Activities with Children

Holiday fun and recreation for young and old

If you are travelling with your kids, there are many different activities in and around Glücksburg – perfect for all ages.

The Glücksburg Castle is not only interesting for adults, it also has a lot for children to enjoy. Along with the regular guided tours, a guided tour through the fairy-tale castle takes place on the first Sunday of every month, offering fun for kids of all ages. A tower of the moated castle has been turned into an enchanted fairy tale exhibition, where you can vividly experience different fairy tales up close and personal! 

A visit to the Glücksburg Castle means a lot of adventure – and a trip back into another time. Admire the majestic halls, check out the servants’ quarters, get spooked in the dungeons of the cellar vaults: a great outing for young and old alike.

More information: www.schloss-gluecksburg.de

There is a lot to explore at the artefact Powerpark – and above all, it is a valuable learning experience for the whole family. How is energy generated and converted anyway? You will find the answers carefully explained and presented in interesting exhibitions at this unique centre. 

Whether it is the sun's rays generating electricity, friction converted into heat, or wind power that produces energy: Concepts such as electrical and thermal energy are skilfully illustrated and easily understood after a visit to the Powerpark.

More information: www.artefact.de

Nature is a science in itself – and a marvel beyond compare. In this modern museum, some of these wonders are made tangible, and various phenomena of nature are vividly explained and demonstrated. At Phänomenta, visitors can experience, experiment and interact with technology and science!

More information: www.phaenomenta-flensburg.de

Swimming fun for the whole family! “Fördeland Therme” is a great water park featuring a big waterslide, several whirlpools and a nice kiddie pool. For those who are feeling more athletic, the sports pool offers ample space for getting in your laps. In contrast, the large sauna is all about relaxation – sit back, close your eyes and unwind! 

Of particular interest to adult visitors: the wellness area. How about a soothing massage while the kids romp around in the waterpark? Afterwards, the whole family can gather together at the on-site restaurant. There, you can reenergise yourself, the next adventure already awaits!

More information: www.foerdelandtherme.de

Legoland, a children’s paradise. Here (almost) everything is made from the colourful bricks that children love: Entire towns, moon landscapes, marinas and much more have been meticulously built from Legos with loving attention to detail. Incredibly fascinating! And if that alone is not worth a visit, you'll also find a lot of rides, 3D theatres and observation platforms, which are also fun for the big kids.

From our lodges, you can reach Legoland by car in about two hours – it's worth it!

More information: www.legoland.dk

In this Viking village, you will be transported to another era! How did Vikings cook, what and how did they hunt, where did they sleep and how did they get through the winter? The Viking life is vividly depicted in this village, down to the last detail: ready to touch, explore and experience first-hand! Guided by the large staff and volunteer experts, you will learn everything about life back then – interesting and exciting!

More information: www.schloss-gottorf.de/haithabu

Leisure time with the family: a theme park is just the place to go! This fun amusement park is located near the city of Schleswig, and is great for the whole family. Here, you can explore the valley of the dinosaurs together or go on an exciting jaunt on one of the rides. Boat slides, alpine coasters, roller coasters and bumper cars await you!

More information: www.tolk-schau.de

If the weather is not cooperating or you just feel like spending a day inside, there are various indoor play areas in the region. The SumSum indoor play area is nearby, and offers many different activities. The indoor Fun Park in Flensburg is also within easy reach. By the way: The play areas are not only fun when the weather is bad! How about celebrating a birthday at one of them?

More information: 



Kangaroos, monkeys, zebras: At the Gettorf zoo, you can encounter a wide variety of animal species and get face to face with them. A special experience for young and old! Spend a fun and exciting day here, seeing many animals that are otherwise not often seen!

More information: www.tierparkgettorf.de

Also worth a visit: the Unewatt Museum. There is a lot to discover in this museum of folk culture in Schleswig-Holstein! Located in the beautifully situated town of Unewatt, the museum takes visitors on a journey into the past, while always keeping an eye on the present. 

A tour of the five “museum islands” leads you past the historic Marxen farmhouse built in 1626, the smokehouse with the transformer station across from it, a traditional butter mill, then up to the towering windmill and the Christesen barn.

More information: www.museum-unewatt.de