Holidays with a good conscience

Only green electricity is used in our lodges. We completely refrain from using fossil energies such as oil and gas. 

Every lodge is equipped with an air heat pump, a large hot water tank, and a wall-to-wall floor heating system. Everything to ensure a maximum level of comfort and luxury while exclusively using green electricity at the same time.

We cooperate with the Hamburg-based Sunnic company. Sunnic specialises in the production and marketing of renewable energies. All of the electricity used in our Glück in Sicht premises is 100% green electricity that we procure from Sunnic. 

At the same time as Glück in Sicht was being constructed, we also built a large solar park at the city limits of Glücksburg. Approximately 16,000 m² in size, the park consists of 5,544 highly efficient solar modules. With a capacity of 1,540 kW, the solar park produces 1,389 MWh per year. That corresponds roughly to the electricity demand of 350 households and approximately 7 times the electricity required at Glück in Sicht.

Sunnic is in charge of the distribution as well: That means that we supply Sunnic with pure photovoltaic electricity from Glücksburg – whenever the sun is shining or there is sufficient daylight. And in return, Sunnic provides us with pure green electricity for our Glück in Sicht premises around the clock. This concept shows that state-of-the-art technology makes it possible today to live ecologically without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Heat pumps are technical devices that can convert electricity into heat in a highly efficient manner. The heat pump essentially “pumps” heat from a lower temperature level to a higher temperature level. For the “pump”, i.e. the compressor, a heat pump needs energy, in our case, green electricity from Sunnic.

Other energy sources such as oil or gas are not needed.

Grüne Landschaft vor hellblauem Himmel mit kleinen, weißen Wolken.