The Area

Maritime coastal flair

At Glück in Sicht, we welcome you to a huge area spanning 50,000 m²! The property is subdivided into three sections, is located directly on the natural beach, and is adorned by a wide variety of native plant species.

Your path to the lodges will lead you past two historic thatched-roof houses, which greet you right at the entrance. Behind the thatched roof house on the right, you will see a larger parking lot, and then you know you have arrived. The reception area is just a few steps from there: Follow the main path, please!

The main path will lead you to Platz Seeblick (“Sea View Place”). Here you can sit, lounge and daydream as you enjoy the wonderful ambience. Surrounded by grass, reeds, beach lilies and lavender, which grow on the coast and give the spot a distinctive maritime flair. Especially nice: There is a patch of beach sand right in the middle of the place. Perfect for putting your feet in the sand and relaxing! There is also a small fountain and a bocce ball court.

By the way: Our three Kleinen Perlen Beachflair lodges are set along the seaside – with a view facing the sea. Each one is surrounded by its own patch of sea sand. After you pass the Kleinen Perlen lodges, the path leads to the second outlet in our area. From there, you immediately reach the shoreline trail (Uferweg), which leads from Flensburg to Holnis. Even better: From there you can dive right into the fjord!

Platz Meerblick (“Ocean View Place”) is adorned with shadbushes and willow-leaf pears. In addition, we took our inspiration from the sea and incorporated the wave pattern here: Green grasses and small blue-lilac plants are arranged alongside lavender, catnip and yarrow. The sloped stairway leads you directly down to the natural beach.

Following the main trail takes you to our little playground – featuring a pirate ship, three gymnastics bars, a balancing game to play, and two mud pools for building sandcastles.

The area is surrounded by the three Großes Glück Waldzauber lodges, which are located on the landward side. And situated above the place are our Großes Glück Küstenflair lodges, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view facing the fjord. Our three Großes Glück Meeresrauschen lodges and our two even more spacious Hoch Hinaus Meeresrauschen lodges stretch out along the steep bluff like a string of pearls. 

Past the playground, the path leads to our Platz Waldblick (“Forest View Place”). Amidst the ancient trees, we have planted beautiful rhododendrons and azaleas in the place. A small fountain and a few seating areas invite you to sit back and linger in this very peaceful, quiet atmosphere. 

Platz Waldblick is home to our three different types of lodges – Kleine Perle, Großes Glück and Hoch Hinaus – each in the Waldzauber and Blätterrauschen categories.

There are three ways to reach the natural beach. Past the historic reception building, Schwennaustrasse road guides you directly to the canopied beach chairs (“Strandkorbs”) in just a few meters. You can also take the sloped stairway on the bluff to go directly down to the water. Or simply go past the Kleinen Perlen Beachflair lodge and walk along the shoreline trail.

The beach faces the west: ideal for romantic moments watching the sunset or for a view of the famous Ox Islands. If you go across the shoreline trail, you will reach the neighbouring Sandwig beach – or can head towards Holnis.

Our lodges are nestled perfectly into their surroundings – making them a natural fit. By the way, “natural” is the keyword here: Adapted to the topography, with its wooded meadows, coastal landscape and the many deciduous trees, the pavilions appear to be hovering on stilts, conveying the image of boats just before they are lowered into the water. This maritime flair is complemented by beautiful wooden walkways that lead you into your lodge.

When we designed our lodges, we put an emphasis on Nordic restraint and simple elegance – from the architecture to the furnishings. Open, spacious common rooms alternate with spaces for privacy and seclusion. Expansive terraces offer the perfect transition to nature. And the cosy bedrooms equipped with bunk beds epitomise a unique and comfortable “feel-good” atmosphere.

Our location, right by the sea and surrounded by the picturesque natural landscape, is the focus: Large panoramic windows with front-facing terraces open up the view of the water, forest and meadow.

Ferienwohnungen direkt am Meer von Glücksburg und mitten in der Natur: Die Lodges befinden sich auf einem dichten Waldstück, unmittelbar an der Küste. Ein kleiner Steg führt ein Stück auf die Flensburger Förde.