Nature as Far as the Eye Can See

– and even a little further.

A warm hello from Glücksburg and welcome to the beautiful coast – in the Glück in Sicht Ostseelodges at the Baltic Sea. “Glück in Sicht” means “happiness in sight”, and that is exactly what we offer you! 

When we speak of happiness, we mean the infinite expanse of the sea that opens before your eyes. We mean the picturesque treetops of trees, some more than a hundred years old, which transform our space into an enchanted place. We mean the natural beauty of a little spot on the coast of Glücksburg that we have chosen as the place for our project, the place for your relaxing holiday.

With our Glück in Sicht Ostseelodges, we want to share our happiness with you – and invite you to come visit us at the Baltic Sea!

When we speak of happiness, we also mean a very personal happiness, the happiness of being together with loved ones. With family, with friends, with exactly those people who make life that much more precious. At Glück in Sicht, happiness means creating space.

Space to do your own thing, space to be together, space to retreat

Glück in Sicht creates space. And a lot of it at that. Our lodges are spacious and inviting. Comfortable and individual. The separate rooms are perfect for a cosy gathering – and if you want a retreat from it all, simply close the door. Happiness can also mean taking a little time for yourself. And at Glück in Sicht, you can have both: Gather all together in a large space, or sit back and enjoy some solitude.

In our large expansive space, you can be yourself – and to have your holiday just the way you want it. You can have holidays just for yourself, but also get to know other guests. You can enjoy privacy, let yourself drift – but also be active on the Baltic Sea.

At Glück in Sicht, we create space that allows a lot of room for your individual holiday. With family, with friends, as a couple or just for you alone. We create space, right in the middle of nature, to rest, relax and recharge, and to feel good in. A place to dream in and simply enjoy.

And above all, as our name “Glück in Sicht” means, with a lot of “happiness in sight”.