Excursions, Day Trips and Places of Interest

Fun and interesting day trips in the area

There are some cities around our beautiful Glücksburg area that are perfect for a day trip. Whether you explore Flensburg, Hamburg or the North Sea: Pack your things and get ready for an exciting excursion with a lot of different sights to see.

Sandwik in Flensburg: weiße Segelschiffe im Hafen.
Various events are held all year round in Glücksburg and the surrounding areas: Whether it’s the marathon, the beach festival or the Christmas market  – there is always something going on here!
Glücksburg has many different attractions: from the enchanting moated castle to the dream-like beauty of the Rosarium seaside rose garden. There is a whole lot to see and do here!
Flensburg is definitely worth a visit. The beautiful seaport town is located very close to Glücksburg and offers a lot to see and do.
It is just a 2-hour drive to the beautiful Hanseatic City of Hamburg. And the city is always worth a visit – or two. Because with such a wide variety of sights and attractions, it is hard to even know where to start.
This charming Danish town is situated right by the water and attracts visitors with its beautiful harbour and interesting drawbridge.
If you want to check out the North Sea with its ebb and flow of tides and somewhat more rugged landscape, you can spend a day on the North Germany coast!
The Flensburg Fjord: Situated high up in the very north, it connects Germany and Denmark – and can be ideally explored on one of the numerous hiking and cycling trails.
Weiße Strandkörbe am Kurstrand von Glücksburg. Im Hintergrund: die Flensburger Förde.
There are several beaches in Glücksburg. And they all glisten with their own individual beauty.
Art and culture? You bet! The annual NordArt exhibition takes place during the summer months. Since 1999, contemporary art has been exhibited here every year.