Events In and Around Glücksburg

Fun for young and old

Various events are held all year round in Glücksburg and the surrounding areas: Whether it’s the marathon, the beach festival or the Christmas market  – there is always something going on here!

Christmas is a magical time for both young and old, especially when it is as enchanting as it in Glücksburg. On all four Advent weekends, the Glücksburg Castle invites you to a very special Christmas experience.

The castle is festively decorated and transformed into a fairy-tale atmosphere. The Christmas market spans the entire castle courtyard – and features a beautifully crafted gingerbread house and a singing Christmas tree: two absolute highlights! Traditional and new Christmas decorations, regional handicrafts as well as local specialties and delicacies from all over the world are on offer. The market is also accompanied by a varied programme of events, activities and entertainment.

Every Advent weekend, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

To properly ring in the new year, around 50 to 100 courageous souls head to Sandwig beach – and bravely dare to take a short dip in the chilly fjord! 

Mulled wine and bratwurst are served at the event – just the right thing to shake off any lingering hangover!

Starts at 2:00 pm

Attention ship fans! At the 23rd Flensburg Steamship Festival (Flensburger Dampf Rundum), many different historic steamships will be on exhibit in the Flensburg marina! And the event is not only interesting to boating and engineering enthusiasts, but for the entire family as well. After all, everyone is fascinated by the many traditional, historic ships, large steamers and precisely detailed models that are exhibited in the courtyard of the Flensburg Maritime Museum.

The large event has been held every two years since 1993. The highlight this year is the new attraction, the “Prinz Heinrich von 1909” historic steamship, and the “MS Sandnes” ship will also be welcomed. The accompanying programme featuring culinary delights, fireworks and ship tours provide a lot of variety and a great day at the marina!

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Now it's time to get athletic! The absolute highlight of the season in Glücksburg is the OstseeMan Triathlon. This is where 1,500 extreme athletes compete – and all of Glücksburg is out and about! The weeks leading up to the marathon are already all about the OstseeMan: The athletes train avidly, run and cycle the routes, test the swimming course, and look forward with excitement to the big day.

When the day finally arrives, both athletes and spectators are equally excited. The triathlon starts at 7 am with the mass start of all the swimmers – from Sandwig beach, it's off to the fjord.

Next up is the cycling course with a total of six rounds. The course leads to the area surrounding Glücksburg, goes past the golf course, and a part of it continues right along the fjord. The many hills and inclines make for a challenging task – although one with a great view. 

After the cycling, it’s time for the run: The running course goes past the Glücksburg Castle, Sandwig beach – and by our Glück in Sicht area. So you can root for the participants and cheer them on!

Even if you do not compete the triathlon, you can still be a part of it. Throughout the day, many locals help with the refuelling stands and with the assembly and dismantling. All of Glücksburg is out and about indeed. In the evening, everyone gathers for the award presentation ceremony and a beautiful fireworks show – to wind down the exciting day together.

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