Putting at the Fjord

Golfing is a joy. Especially if there is a great golf course right around the corner. You’ll find it located about 4 km away, directly at the fjord. You can play the 18-hole course here while enjoying some incredible scenery: teeing off and putting with a view of the fjord.

The special highlight: There is a 5-hole public “academy course”, where you can also play without a minimum handicap or a club membership. For a fee of 10 euros, you can also try out the sport without needing any prior experience. The only prerequisite is a two-hour introductory course.

What’s more, the golf course has a large driving range, so it also pays off to hit a few balls in between. The fee is 3 euros plus 1 euro for 20 balls. VcG golfing association members are also welcome: They pay a small surcharge of 15 euros in addition to the green fee.

18 holes

  • Monday-Friday: 55 EUR
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 65 EUR

13 holes

  • Monday-Friday: 45 EUR
  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 55 EUR